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The Creation of Internal kung fu

Creation of internal kungfu-Tai Chi Chuan
There are many theories concerning the founding of Taijiquan. We will briefly discuss three of
the major theories. The first theory is that the Daoist (Taoisf), Zhang San-Feng, in the Northern
Song Dynasty (960-1126 A.D.) created Taijiquan. The second theory is that the prolific writer of
Taijiquan treatises, Wang Zong-Yue, created Taijiquan. The third theory is that Chen Wang-Ting, a
military officer in the later part of the Ming dynasty, created Taijiquan.
However, it is known that, as early as the 4th century B.C., that the Life-Nourishing
Techniques (Yangshenfa) were being practiced. They included bending, expanding, condensing,
and extending movements; breathing techniques and Qi circulation, similar to Taijiquan's inter-
nal exercises. Publications such as the Six Animal Play (Liuqinxi) written by Dr. Lui An (179-122
B.C.) and the Five Animal Play (Wuqinxi) rewritten by Dr. Hua Tuo (One of the greatest doctors
in the Chinese history), both integrated breathing techniques with the movements of animals
to improve health.
It is also known that in the Liang Dynasty (502-557A.D.) and in the Tang Dynasty (618-907
A.D.), there were already techniques resembling Taijiquan. The only difference was in their
names. They were named Thirty-Seven Postures  Post Heaven Techniques
(Houtianfa), and Small Nine Heaven (Xiaojiutian). Even though the names were different, the
principles were similar.


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