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The cultural and historical background of Tai Chi Kung FU

The cultural and historical background of Taijiquan

A good understanding of the cultural and historical background of an art can help provide a
deeper appreciation of the art. This is especially true for Taijiquan. Like all other Chinese arts
and science, the Chinese culture as a whole, is the root and foundation of its developments.
Chinese view the universe as one interrelated organism, not as separate entities; everything res-
onates with each other to reach balance and harmony. This view, on a smaller scale, also applies
to the human body.

It is believed that studying the universe will give us an understanding of the
small universe of  the human body. Conversely, by studying the small universe, we can gain an
insight into the cosmos. They believed that "Heaven and Humans Combine as One" Tian Ren
He Yi),the "Human Body is a Small Heaven and Earth (Small Universe) and the Universe is a
Big Human Body" (Yishen Yi Xiao Tiandi, Tiandi Yi Da Renshen). In this section we will give a
brief overview of the Yin-Yang and Five Element (Waxing) theories of the universe and the con-
cept of Energy,and how this applies to the human body
and the small universe.


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