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Tai Chi Chuan

T aijiquan is a healing/martial art that combines martial arts movements with Qi
and stretching techniques. It utilizes the ancient philosoy and  for its foundation and to establish its
 training prin-les.The training of Taijiquan include focuing on Qi
circulation was initially used for the purpose of increasing the internal strength of the physical
body for combat. The same techniques that were capable of developing internal power for com-
bat, also proved to be effective exercises. These health
benefits are the primary contributions that lecfto the popularity of Taijiquan today.
In today's hectic life, many of us are often too busy to be concerned about our health, until               "
our health becomes a problem. Lucky for us, modern medicine has a cure for many common
diseases. Unfortunately, there are some that are still incurable. Many times the root of the sick-
ness is not corrected and the sickness reoccurs or manifests itself in other forms. The value of
Taijiquan is in its potential to strengthen and repair the physical and energetic body, which in
turn has the potential to prevent and cure diseases.

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