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China shaolin kung fu city focus on extablish kung fu....

China shaolin kung fu city focus on extablish international shaolin kung fu conglomerate

Dengfeng,China Shaolin Temple located,many Chinese people send their kids to learn kung fu there,want to merge its Chinese shaolin kung fu schools that focus on receving Chinese student to a big martial arts conglomerate,that can offer the top kung fu show and shaolin kung fu training.

China's kung fu schools often enroll young Chinese kids and adolescents from the countryside, providing them education with a focus on Chinese shaolin kung fu training. Excellent students take part in shows staged at different events, such as Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai city World Expo.
Kung fu gained its popularity in the world through the successful show of mainland and Hong Kong shaolin kung fu movies.Many Chinese people learn shaolin kung fu here. The development of Shaolin kung fu schools has helped Dengfeng for shows and tourism.

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