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Evan Throckmorton


During my stay (Four weeks in Aug 2015) at shaolin temple school I learned taiji,qigong sanda and many kungfu forms and training techniques.

At first the training was difficult and it took some time to for my body to adjust to the workouts.But as the days went by i saw a great deal of improvement within not only my body,but my mental as well.In addition,the other students that I trained with are very kind and supportive,long with being very helpful when it came to offering advice on my form and technique.My stay at the academy has been everything i could have hoped for and more.I was never unhappy.Sure the work was hard sometimes,but that is the point and the work always paid off,i would not change a thing about the academy.It is great as it is.

The master is exactly as his title claims.a father figure.patient,kind,understanding,he has a great sense of humor and plus,I have so much respect for him.He always made me want to work hard.I never wanted to disappoint him,because he deserves better than that.My overall experience with him has been the one I will never forget,and always remember fondly,he will always have a place in our heart.The surroundings her is what sets it apart from many other academies and is a fundamental reason why I enjoyed my stay so much.It is immensely beautiful around the academy.

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