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Karen Dolphin

Train in Summer 2014. 
 I have had a very positive experiences in the shaolin temple school.The atmosphere is very friendly and both students and school staff are very helpfu.This made my stay very easy and enjoyable.The room are comfortable.I really loved the foo here.I like that is helthy and filling,with lots of choice and plenty of vegetables.Master here is excellent.I like how he trained and teaching to the group’s experiences and energy.
I really enjoyed the variety of classes,this kept training interesting.I also like has master let students who remembered things quickly,that kept training challenge and fun.I think Master is very fantastic teacher and is very patient to his students.The setting of school is lovely magical,Being in shaolin temple make you breath kung fu everyday,this environment is very helpful for kung fu training.I will never forget this great experiences here.
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train kung fu in shaolin temple

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