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Clement (French)

(May 2014,one year training from 2013 to 2014 May ) The reviews of shaolin temple kung fu school China.Training with my master at shaolin temple here is excellent. He is an awesome master and I'm really glad that I trained with him, even or a short period of time. He focuses a lot on the use of Chi during the training, that is great. He's got good skills, both as a Martial Artist and as a Teacher. At the shaolin temple school, all the working staff and masters always try to improve the training and the daily life and everybody make sure that we enjoy our stay.

Of course, the sourrounding is amazing. The Shaolin Temple China, all the kids training all the time, this is an incredible source of inspiration.

Thank you.I love it here.

Clement training here for one year.

students of shaolin temple

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