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Iain Fraser

Learn for nine months from March 2012 to December.
I have always been interested in Chinese shaolin Martial Arts from a young age and learnt various things at young age. After picking up a book called ‘The Shaolin Way’, I was hooked the idea of training in Shaolin Kungfu at the original Shaolin Temple in Deng Feng city. It was my idea that I would be able to refocus during my time away.

I came to China at unfit, overweight, forty-something year old, and after nearly nine months, I go back a ‘young’ and fit man. I have managed to grow mentally and physically since I have been here and feel as if nothing life can throw at me matters anymore! I have learnt to ‘Go with the Flow’ since being at here. Losing over 10kg in weight has been a big part of my success stay here. When I first arrived here, I couldn’t kick above my knee, now I can kick over my head
Both master Xu and Master Lu(  shaolin temple masters) have helped me grew as a person. They have been very patient when I forgot parts of my forms and I have the upmost respect for both. In my forms latter has also been a big part of my life at the temple. I consider what I have obtained while I have been here. I have gained a new family who I know will always be here. Daily life has been hard but will work the effort and the effect on me has been amazing.

I also visited branch school in Kunyu mountain Yantai city.Both academies offered different things. Both are surrounded by beautiful mountains. The academy in Deng Feng city shaolin temple kung fu school offers ‘hard taining’ and spirituality which being part of a close family. The second in Yantai offers me additional optional classes that for me have been one of the things to complete the package. I love dengfeng shaolin temple and yantai. I have been offered the work in both places and hope to return in the future--Yantai city offers everything-sun, sea beaches while also having a vibrant city.

It seems I have always lived by Buddhist values, but I didn’t realized just how similar my views were. I love  China! I love the food the people……everything. I’ve been fortunate to have a relationship at here! I shall return to the UK a very happy contented man, happy to live a happy life and a better man for it. Thank you for helping me on my own personal jouney!

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shaolin temple kung fu school in China
Fraser spent nine months to learn kung fu in shaolin temple China.

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