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shaolin temple reviews from Jamal Ghozael

Spent Eight Months from April- November 2012  to learn kung fu at shaolin temple kung fu school.

The training at shaolin temple traditional kung fu school is quite complete. From Monday to Friday, there is a taiji class.every early morning. During that class the master explain many applications of each moves, and push us to practice all that moves until they are almost “perfect”. The Tai chi (taiji) is good for the balance, for the coordination, to learn how to focus… . There are many different classes, to practice different domain of kung fu. The basics class, the forms class, the stances class, the applications class, the conditioning class, the stretching class, the power training class. The master pays a lot of attention in the basics class, because to make some good improvement in martial arts, everything comes from the basics. In the school the master train in very small group, then the master can spend long time with each students. It s very useful! After a while, the master knows the best way to help the student to understand what he's teaching. If the student focus and work seriously, then the master can teach him some new skills. The first one is the movement quality, and we must practice that until we are doing right. Then the master teach us how to improve the speed, then the power, then the rhythm. In each class we practice that. In the Sanda(Chinese kickboxing) class we practice movement by movement then we can learn combo and after we learn the tactics of the fight. We improve step by step and we can focus on each new step. On Sunday each student have to show what he learn during the week, and we must improve for the next week-end, that give us a weekly goal. The master always think about how to improve our training, and change some details very often. It s really nice to feel that the master really care about us and our training. In few months I can say I have learned a lot, and I really understand more than before about kung fu. We are not only copying but we really learned how to do!

The school at shaolin Temple is the perfect place to practice and learn kung fu in China. From the wake up time to the sleeping time we can see many children, future masters, training. It s the best source of motivation! The landscape is really beautiful, hill and trees. The school is a village, with only kungfu school. Wonderful to experiment a Chinese life. From the training ground, we can see the famous Shaolin temple, we are very lucky.

Shaolin kung fu Master is a really good master. His Shaolin kungfu skills are very good, like a shaolin monk, but the man is even better. He is really wise and he can help students for everything. He always thinking how to improve his teaching, and he can be relax when we are not training. He can easily be strict or relax, rude or friendly with the context. He cares a lot about discipline, the attitude with other people, and of course the training. He is learning English then we can share more with him. I have seen the improvement of all the students, even in a short time. I have a really great respect for him, and all the students like him.

The translator is very professional. We can easily understand all the explanations of the master during the class. She can help the student for all translations, her English is perfect, but she as well helps student for all the problem of the life ( doctor, book ticket etc…). She always cares of everyone and gives us the smile when we are very tired after the training.
Chinese Mandarin teaches mandarin 3 times a week, and her class is serious and very helpful. If you are advanced in mandarin, she help you with different other exercises.

The cooker, and school staff are very kind and friendly. They speak only Chinese so it is perfect to practice the things learn during the mandarin class.

The school is small. All the staff and students live together like a family, and the smiles are almost always on every face. The rooms are comfortable, but not too much, and the beds are very hard to help us to recover after a long day of training. The food is typically Chinese and very tasty.   
The calligraphy class and the Buddhism class help us to understand more the Chinese culture
After 8 months training in the temple, I feel like I have found a family here. This is exactly what I have dreamed about a traditional kungfu experienced, and I will keep that in my heart for ever.

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learn shaolin kung fu in shaolin temple kung fu shool China
Jamal learn kung fu for eight months at the shaolin temple kung fu school.


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