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Training Length is three months from March to June 2011
I had spent 3 months to learn Shaolin kung fu in the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu school in China with Master Wang (or Wang Sifu. ) It was a very great uplifting experience. Not only did daily training and the master help me learn more about myself and the Shaolin kung fu practice, but he guided me to the best of his abilities and always made sure to remind up how much of a family we all are.My time at the Shaolin Temple was a learning experience. The location itself couldn't be better. We trained across the way from the original Shaolin Temple, as well as near other smaller classes of chinese students. Seeing this not only lifted my motivation but made my training feel somewhat more authentic.

Master Wang has a great Shaolin Kung Fu training plan for all students. His teaching depend on your level of experience and discipline. As a group, we did many traditional practices such as, Stance training, forms, Sanda, conditioning, and etc. Words can not describe the Knowledge and skill my Master holds. He's a very understandable Sifu and has many years experience teaching. He spends time with you outside of kung fu training and is always welcome to helping you out if ever needed. Outside of the training was very pleasureful. When not training, one has the opportunity to head to the closes town and take care of priorities. If deciding to stay in the Shaolin Temple, one can head to the big mountain which has beautiful scenery, check out the Original Shaolin Temple, and can train on own time.Best shaolin Kung fu school I recommend to anyone who would liket to learn real shaolin kung fu.


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