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Name:Evan Throckmorton


  During my stay (Four weeks in Aug 2015) at shaolin temple school I learned taiji,qigong sanda and many kungfu forms and training techniques. At first the training was difficult and it took some time to for my body to adjust to the workouts.But as the days went by i saw a great deal of improvement within not only my body,but my mental as well.In addition,the other students that I trained with are very kind and supportive,long with being very helpful when it came to offering advice

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Name:Karen Dolphin


  Train in Summer 2014.   I have had a very positive experiences in the shaolin temple school.The atmosphere is very friendly and both students and school staff are very helpfu.This made my stay very easy and enjoyable.The room are comfortable.I really loved the foo here.I like that is helthy and filling,with lots of choice and plenty of vegetables.Master here is excellent.I like how he trained and teaching to the group’s experiences and energy.   I really enjoyed t

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Name:Shay Kuebler


  I have had a great time at the shaolin temple school.(Training course One month from July to Aug 2014),I found that master very much pushed everyone to their full potential and focused not only on technique,but also the essence and intention behind the forms and movements as well as applications.I feel that find the essence of the movements of shaolin kung fu was the heart of the training,and I have a very good time pushing myself to find this intention and purpose on the kung fu train

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Name:Clement (French)


(May 2014,one year training from 2013 to 2014 May ) The reviews of shaolin temple kung fu school China.Training with my master at shaolin temple here is excellent. He is an awesome master and I'm really glad that I trained with him, even or a short period of time. He focuses a lot on the use of Chi during the training, that is great. He's got good skills, both as a Martial Artist and as a Teacher. At the shaolin temple school, all the working staff and masters always try to improve the training

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( 1 year training from 2013 to May 2014,Long term student ,Juan Carlos Ensastiga Castillio, 22 years old, ) It's a great place to study kung fu here.I like it here in shaolin temple China to train with the master.I think the shaolin masters here Sanda its incredible. For me it's an honor to learn with the Champion of Chinese kickboxing and I feel that with him I can learn and improve so many things that I get excited just to think about it and I'm sure that in a couple of months with my master

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Name:Rinesh Raghoenath


One year course from Oct 2012 to Oct 2013  I spent one year in shaolin temple kung fu school,and it is great to train under shaolin warrior monks inside shaolin temple.I choose China, because traditional Shaolin Kungfu starts here. I always wanted to do and experience Shaolin Kungfu. That I have developed myself as a person. I have learned how to use my body, improve my health and spiritual life. my Chinese and my knowledge of other languages have improved a lot. My greatest influenc

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Name:Anton Chai


Four weeks Shaolin kung fu course in Aug 2013 China is the origin of Kungfu, so I think there is no better place to learn Kungfu in this school than in China. There are many reasons why i came here, but the most important one is that i love China and I feel home in China. So why not pick up Kungfu? My two greatest gains are that i have met so many nice people and made new friends(Chinese and western) and also i learnt to push myself and train hard. The people that helped me the most are t

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Name: Lam Mehdi (returning student)


Shaolin kung fu class from July to Aug.This is the second time for me to study kung fu in China shaolin temple kung fu school.I choose China to study Kungfu because China is famous for Kungfu. The thing that motivate me is to discover morre about Chinese martial arts. My grestest gain from my martial arts training in traditional shaolin martial arts academy is that i am able to practice real Shaolin Kungfu. masters, the students, the translator and all the stuff helped me and influenced

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Name:Lahaye Eric


Six month course Wing chun class (From Feb to Aug 2013)I chose China to study Kungfu because Kungfu comes from China as I thinks China is the best for learn Kungfu. Come in China to learn Kungfu is my dream. I gain from martial arts lot of things like disciplines, good stamina, good masters and change my vision of the life. Of cause my wing chun master influenced and helped me during my training. He is very good and know how you can do best every days.  The academy, the training,

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Name:Charles Elbar


Wing chun Class  (studied from July to August) I choose China to study Kungfu in original shaolin temple because Kungfu has been developed in China and I wanted to real Kungfu. Also a friend encouraged me to come in this school because it was great. My greatest gain is to learn as well martial arts and respect. I have been helped and influenced by all the students who are really nice and can help you every time and also by my master. Before I arrived, I was expecting that all the